3 Days 6 stages 60 Concerts 600 Musicians 3 Days 6 stages 60 Concerts 600 Musicians

Philharmonie Luxembourg
Place de l’Europe

For 3 days, the Fräiraim Festival focuses on the music scene of the Greater Region. An excellent opportunity to discover more than 600 artists – whether established or still rising to the top. And all of this is free and doesn’t even require a ticket. The Philharmonie’s venues and the Place de l’Europe offer music of all genres, from pop and rock via jazz and electro to classical. Musical fireworks, transcending any stylistic and geographical borders!

Thanks to all those involved!

The first edition of the Fräiraim Festivals is now over. We thank all the artists and music lovers for this time, so rich in discoveries! Pictures of the festival events can be found on our social media accounts, and programme details are available here.

Which artists are playing right now?

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How do I get there?

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