Luxembourg Jazz Voices - INECC

So many stars

24.06 18:00 (Durée: 30min)

Quel est le programme du concert?

The delightful Luxembourg Jazz Voices will bring swinging jazz tunes and uplifting bossa nova rhythms to the stage. They will perform some beautiful songs accompanied by their piano player but also a variety of a-capella tunes. Vocal and instrumental improvisations will be adding some exciting sparks and beautiful moments to the performance.

Décrivez votre concert en 3 mots

close harmony, swing & bossa nova

Quelle est votre inspiration en tant qu’artiste / groupe / ensemble?

Luxembourg Jazz Voices are inspired by iconic vocal groups such as Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices and The Real Group. 

Être artiste du Luxembourg / de la Grande Région influence-t-il votre musique?

As vocal jazz ensemble singing is fairly new and unexplored in the region, we are excited to bring jazzy close harmony to the stage and contribute to developing, promoting and exploring this artform in the area. 

Les musiciens

  • Edith van den Heuvel

    • direction
  • Luxembourg Jazz Voices

    • ensemble vocal
  • Sébastien Cuiret

    • piano

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